1 /'lImit/ noun
1 GREATEST AMOUNT ALLOWED (C) the greatest amount, number, speed etc that is allowed: a 55 mph speed limit
(+ to/on): Is there any limit to the amount of time we have? | set a limit (on): attempts to set limits on consumer waste | lower/upper limit (=lowest or highest point something is allowed to reach): an upper limit for pollution levels
2 GREATEST AMOUNT POSSIBLE also limits (C) the greatest possible amount of something that can exist or be obtained
(+ of): the limits of human knowledge | to the limit: Our finances are already stretched to the limit. | there is no limit (to): There's no limit to what you can do if you try.
3 PLACE (C) the furthest point or edge of a place, that must not be passed: The public is not allowed within a 2-mile limit of the missile site.
4 within limits within the time, level, amount etc considered acceptable: You can come and go when you want - within limits.
5 know your limits informal to know what you are good at doing and what you are not good at: I know my limits. I'm not an administrator.
6 have your limits informal to have a set of ideas about what is reasonable to do, and to not accept behaviour that does not follow those ideas: You cannot smoke pot in this house. Even I have my limits!
7 there are limits! spoken used to express shock or disapproval of someone's behaviour
-see also: the sky's the limit sky (3)
8 be the limit spoken to be so annoying that you upset someone: Have you lost your glasses again? You really are the limit!
9 be over the limit to have drunk more alcohol than is legal or safe for driving
10 off limits especially AmE beyond the area where someone is allowed to go: That area of beach was off limits to us `city kids'.
2 verb
1 (T) to stop an amount or number from increasing beyond a particular point: a decision to limit imports of foreign cars | limit sth to: Seating is limited to 500.
2 (T) to stop someone from using as much of something as they want or from behaving in the way they want: Obviously I'm limited by my pension situation. | limit yourself to sth: We must limit ourselves to one gallon of water per day.
3 be limited to to exist or happen only in a particular place, group, or area of activity: Her traveling has been limited to a few French resorts.
limitation, noun
1 (U) the act of limiting something
(+ of): the limitation of armaments -see also: damage limitation damage 1 (7)
2 (countable usually plural) a limit on how good someone or something can be, what they are able to do etc: have your limitations: It's a good little car, but it has its limitations.
limited /'lImitid/ adjective
1 not very great in amount, number, ability etc, and impossible to improve or increase: My time is more limited now that I have a baby. | families on limited incomes | a student of limited intelligence
2 Limited written abbreviation Ltd used after the name of British business companies that have limited liability
-compare incorporated

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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